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Our team can repair system boards, operator panels, drives, motors, and teach pendants from common manufacturers like FANUC, Kawasaki, Motoman, ABB, and Kuka. When refurbishing teach pendants, we’ll test them in a robot system to verify performance and functionality.

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We are ISO-Certified to repair your robot controllers and teach pendants. We perform this robot repair process with both American and Japanese interface controls.

Our robot repair capabilities include support on drives, motors, system boards, operator panels and teach pendants. 


Electrical devices ranging from CPU, axis, communication boards to teach pendants, power supplies, servo drives, I/O modules and operator display panels are included.

Mechanical items such as gear boxes, balancers, wrist assemblies, and servo motors are also supported. These diagnostic systems will ensure full load and repeatedly testing for all your robotic repair needs.

Teach Pendant Repair

Anyone involved in robot maintenance knows all too well that the most used and abused component in the system is the Teach Pendant. They get dropped, hit, exposed to weld slag and other contaminants, have the cables cut and frayed, and generally wear out.  While many companies repairing teach pendants will simply clean their cases, glue cracks and only replace faulty components, Atlas Industrial performs a complete refurbishment to ensure each pendant will stand up to the rigors of operation and human handling.   During our refurbishment process, we perform the following:

  • Replacement of front and rear cases as needed

  • Replacement of the touch screen

  • Replacement of the LCD

  • Replacement of the E-stop switch

  • Replacement of Dead man switches

  • Replacement of hand straps

  • Replacement of cables and connectors

  • Replacement of the overlay

  • Repair / replacement of the control board as required

robot controller.jpg

After refurbishment, the teach pendant is system tested in an actual robot system to verify functionality.

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