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Did you know that Atlas Industrial quality offers support to NC & CNC Machinery? With easy installations and easy applications, we know that you’ll be more than satisfied with our CNC repair services, as well as our great customer service. 

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Common CNC controller manufacturers include, but are not limited to:

  • Fanuc

  • Siemens

  • Landis

  • Allen Bradley

  • Cincinnati Milacron

  • Okuma

  • Mazak

  • Yaskawa

We cover all CNC systems in mainstream use in the industry. As always, repaired units are dynamically tested under load in real world closed loop applications.

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CNC Machine Repair Services

Computer numerical control (CNC) controllers are essential for the fine and delicate work required to make the specialized parts needed for more complex machinery. If something goes wrong with one of these devices, it can spell disaster for the production process.

There are numerous parts of the system of a CNC controller that could potentially develop issues, including the power controls, limit switch interfaces, servo motor drivers, protection circuitry or even the power source itself.

Don’t limit yourself to costly exchange services provided by the OEM, or the low cost and even lower quality used surplus market.  Turn to Atlas Industrial for your reliable CNC component repair and refurbishment solution.  We offer the widest breadth of testing capabilities in the industry and are ready to support your CNC spare parts needs.

Stuck Axis

One situation that can cause a CNC controller to fail is a mechanical hangup to the proper movement of one or more axis of the CNC machine itself. In order to perform all of the correct cuts, the device needs to be able to smoothly move on all three planes (x, y and z). If the CNC controller is reporting, for example, that the z-axis is stuck, this indicates that the machine is unable to properly move along that plane.


Even the slightest obstruction could be the cause of this tricky error. It may be that there is something stuck between the nut and the screw. Another possible cause of this problem is that the slides are out of alignment. Even a small issue could cause the entire cutter to freeze up, but it may be possible to narrow down the issue by running the device through the whole range of motion. Trust the experts at Atlas Industrial to identify any axis errors you’re experiencing.

Broken Emergency Stop Loop

The emergency stop loop on a CNC controller is designed to halt the operation of any machinery in case of a potential safety hazard. This is normally a good functionality to have, but occasionally the emergency stop loop will be running through the CNC system when there is no actual cause for it to be doing so, and this is known as a broken emergency stop loop.

If the controller is not enabled, and the ready light is blinking, it is possible that a broken emergency stop loop is the issue. One way to diagnose this is to disengage all emergency stop switches, and then attempt to enable the controller. It might be helpful to have one person click to enable the device while someone else watches the LED display. If the ready light blinks once after the controller is enabled, it indicates a broken emergency stop loop.

There could be numerous causes for this issue. There may be broken or detached wiring in the emergency stop box. It is also possible that there is an issue with bent or dislodged pins in the control board itself. Determining the specific cause is an involved process that requires carefully removing jumpers one at a time and turning the machine off and on again to narrow down where the problem is coming from.

Runaway Axis

When this error occurs, one axis of the machine travels too far and may even crash, which is known as “taking off.” Sometimes a damaged cable is the cause of this problem, but it may also be that the encoder needs to be replaced. One indicator of this problem is if the Positional Display numbers do not accurately reflect the change in position when the axis is moved by hand.

CNC Machine Repair

The above issues are just a few examples of complex situations where diagnosing and repairing the cause of an error can take a lot of time, and may not have a cut and dry solution. When times like these arise, the specialized team of technicians at Atlas Industrial is here to help solve the problem quickly and affordably. For assistance with CNC machine repair, call 1-800-542-4463

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