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Welder Repair &
Welder Controls

Our factory trained welding machine repair technicians have many years of experience in the repair and testing of a wide variety of welder controls, wire feeders, plasma cutters, torch reamers / cleaners, power sources, and other associated welding machine equipment. All welder repairs are fully tested under load to ensure proper operation.

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As with the other areas of expertise at atlas industrial, our Welder Component Lab leads the industry in welding machine repair capabilities.

The systems utilized in the welding machine and welding equipment repair process are designed to duplicate actual operating conditions as these items are used in real world applications.

Atlas Industrial has full service capabilities to repair MIG, TIG and resistance welding controls. At Atlas our Weld systems lab leads the industry in repair and testing capabilities. We have the experience to analyze and repair a wide variety of weld system components and performs system testing under load to verify functionality and durability. The systems utilized in the repair process are designed to simulate operation conditions in a plant environment.

Common manufacturers include, but are not limited to:

  • Hitachi – Factory Authorized: all models.

  • Miyachi: CS-1300, CY-150A, SD-815 Controllers and all associated Monitors.

  • Dengensha: Decomstar 20, 30 & 70, RWC-9000-Ty-18, RWI-9100-Ty-13/14, Fuw-IRWC-GT2.

  • Miller – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI and Lawton, OK.  All Wire Feeders, All Miller Power Sources, Arc Pac 350, Syncrowave 200, 70 Series Wire Feeders, Bobcat 250, Millermatic 212, Spectrum 375 and Deltaweld 452.
    Arc Pac 350

  • Hobart: 70L Series, All Hobart Power Sources, Megacon 110.

  • Panasonic: AAII 350/500, AE-350/500, KF-350/500BC300, YC-200BC1, YC-300BC1, YD-350AE1, YD-350HM2, YD-500HM2.

  • Weltronic: U60 Weld Timers, TB91 and TB96 Pendants.

  • Lincoln – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI and Lawton, OK.  We repair all Lincoln Power Sources, NA-3S, NA4, LN-9, Power Wave
    450.  We are authorized welder repair service centers for their full line of Mig, Tig, and Arc welding products.

  • Nippon: NGRALF 6×20

  • OTC (Daihen): 350 & 500 Series, DT-300

  • Sensarc: All Models

  • Thermal Arc: Ultima 150 GTS & 300 GTS, PAK SXR, PS30A, WC100B, 185TSW.

  • Robotron: 503 Controllers, Associated I/O and Panels.

  • Nadesco: PH4, PH5 and IWC4 Controllers.

  • Nadex: All models.

  • Fronius – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI.  Power Sources, Wire Feeders, and Controllers.

  • WTC / MEDAR: GEN 5 Inverters / Timers, Cosmos, Decade 5 Series, Technitron, V-50, V-60 & T95 Timers, U60T-90A, U60T-91A, U60T-92A, U60T-95A, U60T-96A, TB90-P02A, 1000 & 3000 Series

  • Motoman: Arc Master 501 Series: All Models, Motoweld Series: All Models

At Atlas Industrial, we’ve been providing welding machine repair, welder repair, and industrial repair services since 1994. Our mission is and always has been to provide our customers with quality repairs, effective solutions, and efficient service through continuous quality improvements.

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Welding Machine Repair

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